Yardsticks for social media

A good tool, but not what we are looking for

Analytics: colourful ways we use charts and graphs and other mathy things to show how our online communication efforts translate into something we can boast about (or really need to work on, depending).

The web offers many different analytic/measurement tools for free that we can take advantage of. Here is a brief summary of three of them, as well as a look at one paid measurement tool.

1. Trackur

Trackur has different packages available for purchase, but even the cheapest one at $18 per month gets you sentiment tagging, monitors Google +, Twitter and Facebook and saves five searches for you. Probably not all you want for a paid service so it looks like it makes more sense to spend a bit more and get the Trackur insights feature. This feature will provide analytics and charting to help you navigate your dashboard. For a large or medium business this fee is nominal at $88/month. The added features in the $377/month deal hardly add anything useful for the price: being able to add your logo to the dashboard and choosing the dashboard colours are listed as the additional perks to the most expensive package. Still, Trackur’s medium and low-end packages don’t seem too bank-breaking and may be good options if you are looking for a paid service.

2. Hootsuite

The beauty thing about Hootsuite is the simplicity. Just open their home page and it reads “social media dashboard.” Awesome! After looking around at other sites like Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics this is much more inviting for the user who has little experience with analytics and is just looking for a place to monitor their major social media accounts. Even with the limited free version, users can still monitor and post on up to five social media accounts at once using Hootsuite; this is in addition to being able to follow brand sentiment and follower growth. Plus, their logo is tops.

3. Google Analytics

Free! That’s the great thing about the level of comprehensiveness and Google Analytics. Google Analytics seems to be at the helm of free, mainstream website monitoring services, but seems a little bit heavy on the business side of things rather than the sentiment and tone of mentions and posts about your brand. This is a good service to use if you are a business and looking for better ways to market your product or where to advertise best.

4. Klout

Instead of measuring clicks and hits, Klout rounds up your social media efforts through your various accounts to give you a score out of one hundred. The higher the score, the more influential you are online. I don’t spend as much time on my personal accounts as I would like so I was a little disheartened to find out my own Klout score was a lousy 18. 18! Man. I have a lot of work to do with my personal social media accounts! At least I have a baseline to start with.

For organizational accounts, I could see a Klout score as being a good tool, especially when paired with your traditional media monitoring and social media dashboard. These three tools together should give you a very complete look at your media efforts.

18? Is that out of 20?



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4 responses to “Yardsticks for social media

  1. shannon

    Good post. Thanks for the info on Klout. I’ve seen it referenced and didn’t know what it was. Nice to know it does a little something different.

  2. I agree with your review of Google Analytics. I use it at work while gathering media mentions throughout the week and it is great for that, but I would also say that is its more business/marketing oriented rather than focusing on sentiments about your company. It is a great tool regardless and I find it easy to maneuver. This was a great post! (and don’t be discouraged about your klout score, I fell one point behind you when I checked mine…guess I have some work to do on my personal brand!)

  3. Yes it would be best to round up one or two of the free services to give you a good idea of traffic plus sentiment for a more complete look.

  4. Galia

    Thought you should know my Klout score was 10 :((((((( That needs a lot of work.

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