A bit of a letdown

Does anyone know how to get a retweet from a corporate brand? Not that I need to validated by a brand, or the person at the other end of a Twitter account, but I would think there has to be some level of courtesy…or are we still trying to figure out what that is? Or how special does a tweet have to be to get retweeted? This weekend I did a bit of an experiment. I tweeted pics of products and signage to two major food retailers with pretty positive comments. The most I got was a follow from one and I haven’t heard a peep (or tweet) from the other. I also tweeted a pic of a model to the creator of the character that the model was designed after — nothing there either! The same thing with another item I tweeted with a pic attached. That’s four brands on Twitter I reached out to over two days.

Is it because it’s the weekend? Were my tweets too banal? Did they feel the photos weren’t good and could maybe hurt their brand more than help it?  It couldn’t have been that the keeper of the Twitter account for the four organizations didn’t like my grammar! I could see being snobby about something like that but come on!

Sigh. I don’t even know why I care of that I even do — maybe these brands have just set me up to think they were alert, ready to retweet or mention captive followers to keep them feeling like they’re being a great customer and helping to share the love of the brand of their own accord.

Or maybe they still need a lesson or two and need to read Social Media ROI?



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3 responses to “A bit of a letdown

  1. Hey Nikki,

    I think first off you are right with the weekend bit. Organizations usually aren’t staffing communications people on weekends unless there is a special event or they are dealing with issues or crisis management at the time. And if there isn’t staff there isn’t going to be someone present to retweet you.

    Secondly, I think its a matter of having your tweet promote their underlying message from both business and communication plans. Its one thing putting yourself in the shoes of the organization you are tweeting at to try and communicate what they want to hear. It is another trying to align your tweet with their business and communication plans that the public has no access too.

    Thirdly, depending on the organization size they may have multiple people tweet at them something very similiar to what you are doing. It would be a bad practice to retweet everyone and clutter up their follower’s feed. I have many friends that I have unfollowed because I don’t have the patience to deal with them destroying my feed with random tweets.

    Lastly, say there was someone working on the weekend, or you tweeted during business hours. I know depending on the size of the organization, the person that runs the twitter handle may also run the Facebook property and the YouTube channel and so forth. Sometimes it is just a matter of the right timing.

    Of course, you could be completely dead on with your last paragraph. Even today not a lot of companies completey understand the purpose of the social web and how it works.

    Just from a personal point of view, I find when I tweet at organizations, I am more likely to get a RT or @ response when I am least expecting it.

    What do you think about all of this??

    • Hi Steven

      I think you are right: weekends are not necessarily working hours for all people maintaining SM accounts. Also, what value would a retweet have brought to the overall campaign the company is having? Is it in line with their own key messages?
      Very good points. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I should note that I did end up hearing from one of the brands on Tuesday and they mentioned my post and asked me when I would be back. So, maybe I just needed to be a bit more patient!

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